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Like a cloud traversing the earth’s varied landscapes, Nimbus brings cultured reflections, timeless grooves, and the guitar to the electronic context. Utilizing some of the world’s most iconic feels, Nimbus’ music celebrates multiculturalism as a core value: afrobeat, reggae, latin, and funk are a few of the styles that permeate Nimbus’ wandering explorations, while a dub delay dances across much of the repertoire. Original and at the same time borrowing melodies of traditional songs from around the globe, Nimbus offers a variety of danceable rhythms and ambient soundscapes. With backgrounds in the healing arts & ethnomusicology, Nimbus brainchild, Patrick Fitzsimons began his immersion into music of the African diaspora as a percussionist, studying first the djembe ensemble of Guinea, West Africa, later the doumbek of Middle Eastern & North African descent, and, in Barcelona, learning popular and folkloric styles of Cuba under the tutelage of a conguero. The stirring guitarist in him, beginning to grasp the melodic side of music of these and other exotic lands, gradually replaced the percussionist, while maintaining the rhythmic backbone that weened Patrick as a musician.